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Automation Conquers the Impossible in the Modern Call Center


The 19th century French mathematician Henri Poincare once said, “It is far better to foresee even without certainty than not to foresee at all.” For many call centers, uncertainty still defines the best we can do with our own forecasting.


Automation Conquers the Impossible in the Modern Call Center

That’s because we’re human. We make errors. And when relying on complex, manual business processes, the risks of human error are compounded. Think of the data that goes into a spreadsheet used to forecast and schedule as part of your strategic planning. There’s no easy way to explore different scenarios or to fully examine options for strategic goals like customer experience, operating costs and revenue. In addition, many spreadsheet models are not validated and therefore, produce inaccurate forecasts. The end result is inefficient staffing plans and the associated operational problems that creates.

Now imagine you had your own personal data scientist. Someone who could take disparate and dynamic data on employee preferences for days off, seasonal spikes in business, growth plans—basically, everything you need to track and plan for—and in seconds, generate a forecast. It’s not impossible after all.

AI-Powered Automation has Arrived

A new breakthrough in automation lets you move beyond inaccurate, complex and inconsistent spreadsheets. These are often based solely on the slow, rule-based algorithms from the 1980s.

AI and machine learning demystify what has been a complex and high-skilled job—call center forecasting and scheduling—with simplification and automation. All businesses, no matter their size, can take advantage of AI-powered automated forecasting and scheduling, just introduced by Genesys. Think of this power as a full department of data scientists … but a lot faster. In other words, you no longer have to make a choice between being fast or accurate. Now you can be both.

Simplify Workforce Management and Planning

Genesys Automation has made it simple to take forecasting accuracy and staff productivity to next level. It automatically consolidates data from phone, email, chat, and casework contact management systems, as well as from workforce management, staffing, and other systems.

Accurately predicting long-term operational performance—considering the true impact of contact volumes, attrition, service levels, and other key factors—lets you develop effective and efficient staffing and service plans. And because you can easily and continuously track plan variations, you’ll respond faster to change and drive better customer experiences.

Source: Genesys