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BPO Market open for business Vietnam



As a pioneer company in the field of BPO in Vietnam, Minh Phuc has provided a useful tool not only helps businesses reduce costs but also increase profitability. The project’s BPO Minh Phuc is ongoing relationships based on long-term partner to share the risk, take advantage of opportunities, thereby giving a guarantee on time, reduce costs, and help businesses Industry focus on the business of their own.


Currently, Minh Phuc are providing BPO services in all 3 North, Central and South with over 100 tables and continues expansion with new projects were signed and implemented.

In September, Minh Phuc initiated projects Telesales outsourcing company SFS (Sun Funding solution). Operators of Minh Phuc is responsible for setting appointments between customers and salespeople SFS directly to the two parties to meet and exchange and marketing. Outsource Telesales not only help to search SFS source of potential customers but also supports SFS brand development and market expansion.


BluewaterLLC company based in the US has outsourced infrastructure and personnel to perform MP calls for education consultants in the United States. Bluewater is currently deployed at number 8 MP with 5 goals in the evenings on weekdays, from 21h to 6 pm the day before the next morning. The project is a prerequisite for the development of BPO services to the scale will increase to 100 goals in the future. This is a project by MP applied technology and advanced operating procedures of standard American counterparts. Operators of project experts and executives of BluewaterLLC direct training and professional expertise.

Together BluewaterLLC, MP continue to deploy contact center outsourcing partner for BlueFox in Vietnam market. BlueFox is: BlueFox is a company with more than 1 year experience in mail order, serving millions of customers. The company is proud to have built a business model brings the annual profit.