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Quality Manager Software


Monitor and improve performance across all channels

Quality monitoring for voice calls alone is no longer sufficient in today’s customer-driven, multichannel service environment. Interaction Quality Manager® lets businesses expand and streamline quality management efforts across all customer contact channels – voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media. This provides organizations a single system for monitoring and improving employee performance, no matter where they work or how they interact with customers.


Deploy multichannel quality quickly and easily

As a Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) add-on application, Interaction Quality Manager has direct access to the comprehensive multichannel interaction capture capabilities of Interaction Recorder®. Deployment is quick and easy. All you have to do is obtain a license. Interaction Quality Manager is already installed and ready for use within CIC.

Get better results with less effort

Interaction Quality Manager simplifies quality processes with innovative scoring features, powerful search capabilities, out-of-the-box reports, and the ability to easily share information. Interactions can be automatically delivered for scoring to save time often spent looking for interactions to evaluate. Additionally, speech analytics and customer feedback results provide deep insights to ensure the best customer interactions are selected. Focusing resources on high business value interactions significantly increases the quality organization’s value to the company.

Part of a comprehensive workforce optimization suite

Interaction Quality Manager is part of the Interactive Intelligence Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite, a comprehensive solution for optimizing workforce performance to achieve operational goals. Seamless integration with the Interactive Intelligence all-in-one contact center solution ensures quick deployment, lower operating costs, and worry-free operation. The WFO suite provides feature-rich functionality for interaction recording, workforce management, quality management, customer feedback, strategic planning, and real-time speech analytics.

Cloud or on-premises

Interactive Intelligence offers your choice of a complete on-premises solution, a cloud solution, or a managed service. You can even move your cloud solution to your own site at any time without incurring downtime or losing applications.


Scorecards: Create wizard-driven scorecards to assess employee performance, process compliance, and customer satisfaction. Get flexible choices for question type, importance, question weighting, and commenting. Automatically calculate score, including critical vs. non-critical scores.

Recordings: Gain integrated access to multichannel interaction and screen recordings. Quickly navigate to bookmarks and notes added by reviewers, as well as event driven annotations. Find interactions based on any available information, including speech analytics and customer feedback information.

Calibration: Tag and score interactions for calibration. Access out-of-the-box calibration reports.

Workflow: Automatically identify and deliver interactions for evaluation. Optionally require employee sign-off on completed evaluations.