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Interaction Process Automation: Streamline Processes Without Complexity


You don’t have a lot of time, so let’s get right to the point. You want your business to succeed. The key to that success is a happy customer and making a lot of happy customers is going to require efficiency, consistency and insight. That’s where we can help.

IPA diagram

Interactive Intelligence has created interaction process automation. IPA offers you a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to create your own process flows, reduce work handle time, and gain visibility into your operations.

It all begins with an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas, which makes it easy to visually lay out your own business processes. Start from scratch and tailor every aspect with tools for any types of interactions, web services, and much more. Or find the perfect pre-built templates in the interactive Intelligence marketplace, and fine-tune just the parts that are unique to your business.

When your process is ready for prime time, deploy it and offer your services to people like Liz – a new potential customer – who happens to be in the market for a home loan. She uses a web form to fill out an application and then submits which kicks off our process.

Now it doesn’t have to be a web form, a process could be triggered by any type of interaction you choose: a phone call, an email, a mobile app, an event from another system, even a fax. Regardless of how Liz gets the ball rolling, IPA uses mature contact center technology to evaluate the information on the forum, apply a set of predefined business rules, and then find the perfect sales rep to help by looking at things like skills, location, and availability. Then IPA moves the information along to Dave, who happens to be the newest member of the sales team. He immediately reaches out to Liz but has to settle for leaving a voicemail. IPA knows this, logs in the process history, and start some timers while Dave moves on to other tasks. See he’s free to focus on what’s in front of him, because he doesn’t have to worry about follow-up. IPA can send an email, text, or a fax to automatically communicate with the prospect and let Dave knows when it’s time to reach out again.

At every step in the process, managers can look into any processes activity log; see its current state and its history. You can even make status updates visible to customers for really useful self-service. During their conversation, Liz reveals that a competitor has offered her a lower rate. As an application on the all-in-one CIC platform, IPA has access to speech analytics to spite keywords and phrases and then takes action. Dave automatically receives a work item with a script that helps him get the conversation back on track, and then sealed the deal, another satisfied customer. But that’s not quite the end of the story.

Once the loan is processed, IPA can initiate either a web or a phone-based post call survey to be offered, and then watch for the results, and either alert a supervisor of a negative score, or prompt some recognition for Dave on his first sale.

Behind the scenes, IPA easily integrates with third-party systems. You could connect with the CRM and use IPA to identify customer needs and proactively suggests products or services to meet them; or use IPA to automatically keep partners and other companies up to date on activities which affect them.

IPA can even send periodic reminder messages to existing customers for things like routine updates, special offers, or helpful tips. The point is with very little extra effort; you’re staying at the front of your customers minds as a source of help and happiness. It’s time to upgrade your business with process automation it’s easy to configure, quick and intelligent to circulate work, and is an all-seeing, all-knowing source of process information. It’s time for interaction process automation.

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