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CIC: All-in-one software solution for Contact Center


If you want to make your business really stand out your best chance is to use customer service as a competitive weapon. Today’s customers live their lives at the speed of the internet they’re more connected than ever before and they keep their connections with them all the time.


To communicate with them efficiently, you’re going to need a communication system that’s simple to manage, packed with functionality scalable and able to evolve right along with your business. Meet our Customer Interaction Center solution.

CIC is a true all-in-one software solution because all parts of the platform have been written together from the ground up this architecture gives you tremendous scalability and reliability and it allows you to take advantage of a distributed workforce, making your business more flexible. Your business can spread out and become more connected at the same time, plus all of this is possible either on your site or hosted in the cloud.

Great service begins with simplicity and CIC delivers it a single easy-to-use interface receives interactions of any media type and gives your representatives a streamlined workflow with powerful user directories tools for recording views of personal statistics and schedules and much more. To maintain quality managers see real-time statistics of users and recordings of interactions and agent desktops and even quality scores from agent scorecards and customer feedback surveys with the power of real-time word and phrase spotting which includes conversation scores.

Managers now know exactly what they need to pay attention to in order to ensure great service. Workforce management tools help you quickly build forecast and schedules and adherence monitoring keeps you efficiently staffed reach out by using an intelligent dialer for outbound and inbound or blended campaigns. Use industry-standard dialing modes or elevate your productivity to new levels with our precise dialing mode.

Being a great service provider means having the ability to empower your customers to control their own experiences. Reimagine customer service with tools that leverage popular web services and mobile devices all from the same powerful all-in-one platform. The Customer Interaction Center instantly makes your contact center more capable and agile but it can also help your entire business automate processes, maintain security, and compliance standards, lower overall operating expenses and create a consistent dynamic service experience for your customers.

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