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Turning your website into an effective sales channel thanks to the Input Service


What is the basic condition that makes a website run effectively and achieve a high evaluation? 

The answer is that the website has a proper, optimal and modern structure and its data is constantly updated as well. 

Have you ever wondered how to make your business website effective in promoting and advertising the content and images of your products? 

What you need to do is to find a professional company specializing in providing and supporting you with a website input service.


MP Telecom will provide you with the most professional package service that saves your time and money.

Building up website content: After the stage of website design is completed, data on the website is normally as illustrative data. Therefore, data entry clerks have to build up a full content for the website.

Why do you need to enter data on your website?

A website evaluated as “be in active status” is a website which is constantly updated content. Updating website content will be more highly evaluated by visitors and well interact with viewers that lead to having more customers and partners.

The data entry field of MP Telecom is a place where all data entry staff, checkers and communicators are  equipped professional skills such as error correction and text editing. They are well trained and pass the toughest examinations held by Japanese experts who is working in the company.


Currently, websites with good content and constant update are continuously updated by web search engines such as Google, Bing. And the connection between customers’ searching information and business website is more faster and effective.

Frequent updating and optimizing article content will help your website to increase its rank more quickly and enhance people’s trust as well as attract more visitors includes your potential customers.

Why do you need support from a professional website data entry service?

- Due to a business characteristic of lack of time

- Due to the limitation of content update knowledge, need a professional service to support in term of the images and content of the products on the website.

- Input content is incorrect. Images and presentation are not eye-catching.


Why do you choose MP Telecom?

With the advantages of a leading company in BPO area, specialized knowledge in data entry and a wide range vision, MP Telecom clearly understand what need to do to optimize websites. We guarantee to provide our customers with the best services, which increase work quality and save money.  

The process of website content input as requirements at MP Telecom.

- Receive website and product information from customers.

- Sign a service contract and confirm the quantity.

- PM department receives the information, assign tasks and enter data in the website interface.

- Check, edit the content and images of products.

- Hand over, make acceptance with customers.

- Warranty, new update (if any).

For more information, please contact via Hotline: +84 906 202 098 or Email address: Info@mptelecom.com.vn