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Customer Interactive Intelligent solution


The unit of customer care over the telephone (call/contact center) has always been regarded as “the face” of businesses. However, many enterprises still invest conservatively when this unit not only needs high investment in infrastructure and technology but also requires large staffing resource that has been well trained on customer care over the telephone skills.

Demo structure of CIC system

Demo structure of CIC system

“It would be not economic and professional if businesses must build customer care department on their own. Therefore, outsourcing the job becomes a reasonable choice.” said Nguyen Hong Lam, Deputy CEO of Minh Phuc Co., Ltd (MP Telecom).

In which points that outsourcing the work of customer care over the telephone can be considered reasonable for enterprises, sir?

When outsourcing the job of customer care, businesses can easily focus on their core activities such as product research, sales, PR strategy or marketing campaign … to improve production efficiency, not to care much about other activities that do not bring core values but require lots of manpower and being hard to manage like customer care over the telephone.

In fact, a customer care unit that is located outside the business will perform much more efficiently, professionally and profitably. In addition to reducing risks related to infrastructure, technology and manpower investment, outsourcing also helps to decreases businesses’ obligations such as payroll, insurance, and other HR policies … Not to mention the investment in money or technology, the unit also needs to be invested carefully in people, culture and customer service behavior.

It has been known that MP Telecom is the provider of Call Center/ Contact Center (customer care over the telephone, email, fax or web chat – writer) services and solutions for VinaPhone, MobiFone, Viettel, EVN Telecom, etc. Is there any time that your customers share with you why they chose MP Telecom to work with?

Customers tell me that they choose MP Telecom for the professionalism and good qualification. These appreciated professionalism and high quality rely on six main factors: organizing ability, training apparatus, engineering system, quality management process, infrastructure, and business culture. One example is that we are not only running good services but also very knowledgeable about Contact Center technical system, because we have rich experience in providing Customer Interaction Center (CIC) solution by Interactive Intelligence in Vietnam.

Currently, CIC is the best choice of more than 2,000 customers worlwide such as BMW, Honda, Prudential, Telegen UK, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Sony, Wal Mart, Deutsche Telekom, … In addition, MP Telecom not only sells an individual service or product but also brings the most suitable solution to each customer’s business strategy and process.

Which size of business that CIC Solutions can meet, sir?

For example, the CIC system serves about 150,000 inbound calls to the numbers of 1800 1090 and 9244 of MobiFone every day. Without a suitable technical system, it will be very difficult to meet callers’ demands. CIC is ideal solution for contact centers having tens to tens of thousands of users.

When I dialed 19001080 to MobiFone’s switchboard then being connected to call agents, they greeted me as “MobiFone speaking … “

Yes, when serving businesses’ customers, we always put ourselves in the position of the businesses’ members, who are responsible for serving customers of the business as well as maintaining and enhancing the businesses’ culture, style and image.

Simultaneously provide and care for many large clients being direct competitors of each other in the same area, it is not quite easy, isn’t it?

We build separated office, contact center system, call agents, and management staffs for each business. When giving customer service over the telephone, MP Telecom’s employees define that they themselves are members of the business they represent: VinaPhone, MobiFone, or Viettel …

Still exist concerns about funding investment in customer service, or some businesses still want to keep the customer care unit as an inseparable part to create an unique service culture and style. In this case, could you offer any appropriate advices?

Depending on actual needs of each business, we will have the appropriate advice. You can choose Managed Service (full service package) that includes infrastructure, technology, human resources, training, etc. However, you can also select one of many individual service packages such as Turn-key Solution (only buy technical system), Training (customer service skills), Insourcing (only hire our staffs), or Contact Center consulting only … MP Telecom is one of few firms specializing in Contact Center with the fullest range of products and services. MP Telecom is also the only company in Vietnam that has the ISO 9001-2008 certified quality management system.

Customer care over the telephone is not as simple as answering phone calls. It is about both service cultural and professional standards that contribute greatly to the creation of business brand.

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