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Core Value


Respect, Discipline, Proactive, Flexibility and Teamwork
Respect for Success
1. Respect
- Awareness
The ego of a man when existing and developing in this society, from birth to growing up, is always in pursuit of a very basic need that is “Being respected”. Money, status, fame or even tears or blood are the things that man is willing to exchange for the right of being respected. Therefore, when people are respected, they may bring you many benefits and good things.

  • We give our respect to everything around us, from people to furniture, then the benefits will naturally come. Respect first, we will certainly be respected.
  • We respect organizations because each person is a part of it.
  • We respect customers because they bring money and reputation to us.
  • We respect partners because they work closely with us on the same path.
  • We respect colleagues because no one can work alone.
  • We respect ourselves because otherwise no one will respect us.
  • We respect the work because the results will define who you are.
  • We respect working materials and equipments because they are made of someone’s sweat and tears.
  • Respect people, respect all things, success will surely come to us.

2. Discipline
- Awareness
We recognize that “Discipline can create power.” To develop a strong and stable team we must build and practice standard disciplines in every action. Observing discipline always helps us to do the right thing and get good results. Enhancing the spirit of discipline helps us to have a strong and solidarity collective.
- Action
We respect discipline because when we observe it, it will help us get the respect of people around us.
We observe discipline as our self-action with proactive mind.
We build a good culture of discipline to prove our expertise to customers and partners.
We appreciate discipline to ensure the fairness in organization; we strive to always make discipline stay in parallel with our daily work.
We practice discipline together to create strength, to bring MP Telecom to sustainable development.
3. Proactive
- Awareness
“Live or exist” is always a big question of each person. We exist to be swept away by other things or live to actively control everything in our way? People create jobs, not jobs create people. A proactive person was created by the self-awareness and creativity.
- Action
We are proactive as we dare to take responsibility, dare to think and act.
We voluntarily complete the tasks with little supervision of others. We believe that the self-awareness will help us work better. We are proactive in observing, thinking, learning and solving problems.
We are proactive to create more better solutions for the jobs.
We are proactive when we see things in positive direction, when everything can be solved in one way or another.
The solutions are always around us. The problem is whether we can actively search and be searching them for how long.
4. Flexibility
- Awareness
“No one can bathe twice in the same river”. Now we are different from ourselves in the past. Man was born to live with changes. Only thing is, in modern society, the change occurs frequently and more quickly. The elimination is continuous; we accept the truth and determine to turn them into opportunities because reform is the driving force of development.
- Action
We have self-awareness of change and consider it as the air to breathe. We continuously manage, adapt and solve problems in our organization.
We always associate the change closely with systematic thinking.
We are sensitive to the change to proactively manage it before it arrives.
We compete and win with the ability to adapt the change faster.
5. Teamwork
- Awareness
Human society is a collective. We need one another to survive and grow. The proverb of “Many hands make light work” demonstrates the resonance strength of a collective unity. The excellent result will be achieved when things are settled on the basis of solidarity and consensus.
- Action
We accept the inevitable conflicts in personal relationships as well as at work. We are ready for dialogue to reach consensus because of work.
We conceive that: “The failure of an individual is also the failure of MP Telecom.” Support one person is to support the whole MP Telecom including our own.
We believe in our co-workers and their ability.
We are willing to commit to work and take responsibility for these commitments.
We promote laughter and the sharing of work and in life.